In working with our clients over the years we have seen the same errors made time and time again. Web designers are generally paid by the hour and you want to make sure the designer has everything in place and knows the direction of your site. This can save you money and get you the site you want the first time. DogPawGraphics.com

Rules for working with a web designer –

1. Provide all necessary user names and passwords for logging into your site. Test and make sure you can login in first. The last thing you want is a designer spending 20 minutes trying to log into your site to start your project.

2. Always make sure you have user name and password login for your site. Many times we have seen where the previous designer has gone out of business or there is a payment dispute and the customer cannot provide the information necessary to access their site.

3. Have a basic color scheme or plan for your site. Many times we are told “just do what you think is best”. Nobody knows your business like you! If you aren’t sure provide links to a couple of examples of sites you like.

4. Check your competitors. Provide your designer with links to a couple of your top competitor sites you like and feel are well done. This will help the designer understand the objective of your site.

5. If you want to have pictures used on your site have them in digital format and ready to go.

6. Draw the basic layout of your home page on a piece of paper. This can help you get menus, pictures and text on the page the way you want it the first time.

7. Don’t send 12 emails during the process. Send a list to your designer of what you want done in order of importance to you. At the completion of the list update and provide changes.

8. Don’t overload your site. So many of our customers want to get their whole story out on their home page. This can lead to pages looking crowded and unappealing to your visitors.

9. Be prepared to wait on search engines. A good web designer can do all the prep work to get your pages scanned and listed in the search engines but they cannot demand the search engines scan your pages immediately. It can take 3 to 6 months to develop a good search engine position.

10. Develop a good email / online relationship with your designer. A meeting may be nice in the beginning but as the process continues the designer is better off working on your site than brain-storming in a coffee house with you. Some designers will add this into their time.

11. Have fun with your designer. This is a creative process and you want that reflected in your site. InCorona.com MyCorona.com InNorco.com


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